We're making technical improvements to the Hub to make it easier and more useful for you. We’ve already released the new, improved search facility, but that’s just the first of 6 steps we have lined up this autumn.

When we ran a Love the Hub campaign this summer our aim was to raise £10,000 towards the costs of development, and we got halfway towards the goal. Now it’s time to get the ball in the net with...

A Christmas Gift for the Hub

We’re asking you to make a Christmas gift to complete this round of improvements. We are continuing to build the Hub as a truly independent caring, sharing space to support all of us in doing healthy ministry together. Because who else really gets it? However you give – thank you.

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Donate and Support

You can give a Christmas Gift to the Hub using any of the following.

The best long-term gift you can give the Hub is a banker's order. To do this, use your Hub login details on the main Sheldon site.

A gift is not just for Christmas

You can find out more about these developments on the Hub via...

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