18th July 2019
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It’s a well-worn, over-used and completely out-of-date cliché. The breadwinner returns home after a hard day at the office to be greeted with supper and a kiss from his loving wife. The rigours of the day drift away on a diet of sausage, mash and rose-coloured nostalgic bliss.

Thankfully the gender stereotypes have moved on somewhat, but unfortunately, the stress of work-life has increased for many. We know from the Hub that ministry roles in churches can be stressful for both female and male clergy. Rose-tinted platitudes are no use when all you see is red.

The forums on the Hub offer one way for those in ministry to get a handle on stress. Log in and read about the experiences of others, or share your own. So often a fresh perspective is a life-saver (or at least a sanity-saver) when you’re knee-deep in the issue and can’t see the wood for the trees. With a community of more than 1,500 members, there’s usually someone (often many) who can resonate with what you’re going through.

Wisdom abounds

Sunday evening arrives and the robes of office are removed. You find yourself throwing them in despair to a pile in the corner. There is plenty to raise the stress levels after a hard day in office. But that is exactly where the Hub helps, on issues like...

Loo rolls! Yes, loo rolls. Why is it down to you to get the loo rolls? And if you do get them, where do you stick ‘em?

And talking of rose-tinted nostalgia! The stress caused by expectations affects whole families. The question of whether it is possible to do ministry without the classic vicar’s wife returns like the tide to a chorus of Rule Britannia.

Organising the music group (anyone else notice ‘organ’ in that word!) for the all-age service. Actually, for anyone in ministry, there are several words in that previous sentence that send shudders through Christendom.

In a related and equally stress-inducing issue, the recording and reporting of what hymns have been sung can drive someone to seek a silent order.

The above may seem trivial and easy to deal with but when you’re in the middle of the situation it isn’t so easy. All these issues have been recently raised in the Hub. And all of them have got some wise and supportive advice - and a smattering of wit. If you are stressed in your ministry, in need of advice or just a place to vent then sign up or log in. And likewise, if you know how helpful being part of the Hub community can be, please share this post with others who may be struggling on their own. 

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