23rd August 2019
seagulls and deckchairs

Social Media is awash with beach views, people’s knees and adventurous food. Travel hubs and roads to popular holiday destinations creak and strain as holidaymakers flow to their well-earned vacation. It's August, the traditional holiday time. It is also rumoured that some of The Hub team have been and are taking various breaks.

However, life still goes on. The UK parliament may be in recess yet discussions, and hopefully, progress, continue around Brexit. Caring for the planet can’t take a break either as the world witnesses the potential ecological disaster of fires in the Amazon.

But what about life for those in ministry and the church? Well, even the church tends to slow down with many of the regular meetings on hold until September. At the moment, there is a great thread discussing August on the Hub. It covers a wide range of thoughts and issues. There is the quieter side of things – no school assemblies and fewer meetings. Yet it can also be a busier time. If you are the person covering for those on holiday you may be doing more than usual, or running holiday clubs or other special activities. The summer months are also popular for weddings, and August might bring a bumper crop of nuptials. Church life may be quieter but it goes on.

Breaks and holidays give us time to rest, refresh and recharge. They also allow us time to think about things. At quieter times many of the deeper issues that are hidden beneath the busyness of ministry surface.

  • How can we deal with x in the church?
  • What will we do if x happens?
  • Is this really what I want to be doing?

The Hub offers a safe, secure and, if needed, anonymous environment to ask these questions. If you are in ministry, join in with the conversations in the Hub. You may find sharing your questions and thoughts and offering support to one another can be as refreshing and ultimately sustaining as a holiday.

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