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Restoring humanity to clergy discipline

Thousands of Anglican clergy taking part in independent academic research.

25th November 2019

‘twas the week before Christmas

All is quiet, all is prepared and all is calm. Life in ministry at Christmas.

18th December 2019

The Holidays are Over

From missionary to organised business, the story of Thomas Cook finds some echoes within the Hub forum. 

25th September 2019

August and all is calm at Church

August is traditionally the time for a holiday. But what about life in the church? Is everything quiet and peaceful? Let's see.

23rd August 2019

A Hard Day at the Office

There are many things that can cause stress for those in Ministry. Here are a few that are currently being discussed in the Hub from loo rolls to all-age services.

18th July 2019

Church seeks Angel Gabriel for full-time role

A slightly satirical look at the way churches and those in ministry advertise and apply for workers and roles. However, given the heartache and suffering that can result from serious mismatches, perhaps it isn't such a trivial thing.

26th June 2019

Ministry is for life not just for Easter?

At this busy Easter time, what is going on in the lives of those in Ministry? The same as the rest of the year actually.

16th April 2019

How to meet your ministry needs

Ministry support is more than training and line management, reflective supervision is explored in this post and a new topic page on the Hub.

12th February 2019

Resources for ministry - easy to find and share

The Hub has been updated with a brand new resources section. In this post, we let you know what's changed.

23rd October 2019

How to split your church the easy way

How to split your church the easy way: a wry look at the danger areas that lurk within our churches, and how to avoid them

21st January 2019

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