Apparently about one in 10 people in the UK is a carer and three in five or us will be carers at some point in our lives in the UK. To what extent is this a hidden story among people in ministry? Caring as part of their pastoral working role and caring at home as part of their domestic role. 

Perhaps frail elderly parents, children or grandchildren with special needs, adult children with chronic physical or mental health problems, a spouse with a chronic illness or disability. And let's include parents bringing up children - anyone who has family members wholly or partly dependent on their provision of care. 

Here in the Sheldon Hub we think this is a subject we could benefit from talking about more. What are the particular strains and stresses - on health, sanity, relationships, finances and ministry? How are we as local church, colleagues, senior staff at being aware of caring responsibilities, understanding the needs and the loads, and responding in constructive ways? Can we share advice, learn from each other's experience and support one another?

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