6th August 2017

Primary themes

What do you need when you visit the Hub? How do you find what you need? While the content and membership of the Hub have been steadily growing in recent months, we have been thinking carefully about these questions. Hub Members have been exploring the questions in the forum, and the Sheldon team have been doing lots of listening and making some suggestions. 

We have settled on four primary 'themes', 'environments' or 'workspaces' that are emerging within the Hub. Over the next few weeks we will be building a new 'landing page' (the first one when you log in), and re-organising the content around these four themes. They can be roughly summarised as follows (in no particular order)

The Surgery

"I'm in pain, I need reliable help now"

The Allotment

"I want to be part of a grass roots community that is working out together how to do ministry in ways that are conducive to nurturing health, sanity, vocation and relationships"

The Reseach & Development Laboratory

"I don't want to re-invent the wheel - I want to hear what other people are doing at an organisational level and share what's going on here - what works? what's been tried before?"

The Kitchen Table

"I want somewhere I can drop by and share the ups and downs of the day, and ask for advice on quick practical things. Sometimes I need to have a weep or a grumble over a coffee with someone."

Feedback on images

We're currently working with an artist on some images to express these themes quickly and succinctly. The first roughs are included on this post. The beauty and the challenge of metaphors and images is that they can mean different things to different people. We want to consult as widely as possible on the resonance of these to get as much clarity and consensus as possible before finalising them. If you're a member of the Hub please log in and then come back here and click this link to leave your comments inside the Hub. Or you can use the comment section at the end of this post. 

Either way - thanks!

The Surgery
The Allotment
The R & D Lab
The Kitchen Table


Liz Willey Aug 16, 2017

Brilliant images, which express the themes really well

Nik Aug 08, 2017

Fabulous illustrations.

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