21st April 2017

The Hub Forums

Forums are the easiest way to start getting involved in the Hub. If you have a question or a concern to raise or experience to share, then do come and join the conversations. If you're a bit shy online then you can give star ratings for contributions to help others find the best content.

The whole spectrum of ministry life is here in the Hub - these are just a few topics from recent months (links will work once you're registered and logged in) : Someone taken ill during a service | Struggles with addiction | No water at the vicarage | Shouty and rude PCC members | Being a carer for family members | Good films for Lent group discussion | Helping frail office holders to step down gracefully | Using unexpected free time

It's real, it's honest, it's supportive and it's kind. Please tell colleagues in ministry about the Hub (share/forward this blog post?), and if you're not in yet, then come and join