Go. It's deeply satisfying to press the big green 'go' button. But of course this is not a race and it's not a linear track to be run. 

Getting through the starting gate this week has taken us from one territory to another, from the testing environment to the live environment. Now that we're there, we're taking a bit of time to collect ourselves, tidy up, take a breather and survey the new territory. It's great to see so many interesting, supportive, and often profound conversations taking place in the Forum. 

Now we're working on building other areas of content with a wide variety of people contributing their experience and expertise. And we're taking every opportunity to distribute promotional material and encourage people to sign up to the Hub to see for themselves what's available and what's possible. 

We look forward to sharing the journey in good company over the coming months and years.


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Final post of the pre-live blog here

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