12th February 2019
small group discussion - rpg

You are called. You train. You are ordained. From that moment, you are working on and in your little patch of heaven on earth. All is well and life couldn’t be better. You are led and supported at every level.

Well, it is a nice dream!  The Hub offers a safe online environment to share and support those in ministry. Discussions within The Hub make it is clear that life in ministry isn’t always rosy and ongoing support and reflection is appropriate and necessary.

The Hub has been facilitating discussion around the Church of England’s draft  Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing (CCCW). One of the key recommendations in the document is for clergy to have access to RPGs.

What is an RPG?

Although you might think a Rocket Propelled Grenade is the solution to many a problem, it’s not that RPG which is becoming popular for people in ministry. Reflective Practice Groups are peer meetings with a trained supervisor. These groups inhabit a space between line management, spiritual direction and specific skills training with the structured combination of the clergy, who understand each other, and an external trained supervisor, to facilitate and guide.

Of course, RPGs may not be available or suitable for everyone. The Hub now has a Topic page gathering information and resources and promoting conversation about supervision and reflective processes (login first). If you are a member of The Hub (it’s FREE, secure and open to all in ministry) you’ll find an expanding collection of articles, links and conversations. So if you feel this is something you’d like to explore for your ministry then this is a great starting point.

If you are engaged in ministry, we don’t want you to feel you are on your own. The Hub is the place where you can share your story, support others and sustain the ministry. We are developing features and topics for you to explore, and in our forums, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with others who face similar joys, challenges and dilemmas in ministry.

Login (or join) and stay up to date with what is new, and do share this post with others using the buttons below, it’s all about doing healthy ministry together.

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