16th April 2019
flowers at the church

Easter is fast approaching! A time of celebration and chocolate ... 

For the spiritually questing there is the whole Easter story and the question for us all, what does the empty tomb mean? Like so many questions it could mean nothing or it could mean everything.

God or not?

So you are presiding at a funeral and one of the mourners stands and denounces everything spiritual, even the existence of God, at great length. A time when the gathered mourners are grasping at the faintest tendrils of hope and perhaps faith. How do you respond?

Thanks or not?

Or consider this. You have a vision for the future of your faith community. You prepare a detailed report on the current situation, then share a vision for the year ahead. You finish and even the faces of those that bother to make eye contact are blank. You don’t even get a nod of appreciation for your efforts. How do you feel?

Email or not?

It’s not just spiritual things on our minds at Easter. The Empty Tomb is the main focus, but the empty inbox may not be far behind. Managing emails is a burden at the best of times but at busy times it can be overwhelming. How can you be the spiritual pillar of your community when your admin skills are positively pre-Guttenberg?

Join the Hub ...

Easter is usually a busy and demanding season for people in ministry with many special services to lead, but sadly the routine issues and battles and crises can still be there too. Each of the above has been discussed and mulled over at length on the Sheldon Hub in recent days. If you are in ministry join in the discussions and see how others like you are dealing with issues like these. 

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