23rd October 2019

The Hub has been updated. It’s had a makeover, a refresh, and a little nip and tuck here and there. There was also some major surgery, but that was all under the surface, and recovery was swift and with minimal downtime. No animals were harmed in the updating of the site, although Hub admins, mods and developers did have a kind of hazy look on their faces for several days.

Earlier in the year Hub users pointed out that their understanding of resources on the Hub ranged from unclear to ‘what resources?’. We had a library, a topics area, a calendar and a whole host of articles and features that were getting lost and mislaid. So, with several sheets of blank paper and the odd coffee, we began the quest to resolve the issue. Many arduous months followed. Plans were presented, schedules created and work began. It is now complete.

All resources are now in one easy to find place called… resources.

In the resources section, you’ll be able to use the search to find just what you are looking for, be it a retreat centre or a book on walking. Search for whatever you need and refine your results by type: book, website, event etc. Or browse the resources by category, just like a library - although there’s no need to be quiet and no one will ever shush you. All the resources are in one place and you can find them whatever way you prefer.

In the resources section, you can also add resources. Know a book that has helped you? Add it. Been on a wonderful course or retreat? Add it. That’s not all. If you find yourself in the Forums, there’s a little treat there. If you are reading someone’s plea for advice or help, and think, hey I know of a resource that will help, you can add the resource from within the forum.

The Hub has always helped those in ministry chat and discuss issues that affect their lives. Now resources are easy to find and easy to share. We like to think this makes your life in ministry that little bit easier. If you are in ministry login or join the Hub, or if you know someone else in ministry share this post with them. Share resources, support each other and sustain your life in ministry with others who know!

Try out the new resources section today

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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