‘So what?’ A curiosity, a seeking, a trying to work it out ‘What precisely?’ ‘Exactly what?’ Or ‘so what?’ a disengagement, a shrug-off, a closing down. ‘Whatever’. 

Maybe the Hub stands at risk of the shrug-off ‘so what?’ Just another website. Why should that get me interested in world of online bombardment and in the midst of 1001 other pressing demands? Well, surprisingly enough we think the Sheldon Hub is worth sitting up and paying attention to! Its combination of supportive community, extensive resource listings and solid learning content, all in a confidential space for people in ministry really is unique. It’s a new way of bringing people in ministry together Tweet: a new way of bringing people in ministry together http://ctt.ec/mZpyO+ across geographical and denominational boundaries to enable all of us to do healthier ministry. 

So what do you need the Hub to be for you?

Come and join the Founder Community now. 

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