Get steady. Why do we say 'get steady'? Is there a risk of losing our balance, capsizing? Perhaps there is always the risk of instability and insecurity around the a new venture. That transition between a 'work in progress' and saying 'here it is'. So how do we "get steady"? Stand back a bit, take a longer perspective, say our prayers, stay calm, run through the checklists. 

Our previous Sheldon ventures have been physical buildings, events or publishing a book. Once it's done it's done. the nice (and scary!) thing about the Hub going live is that it is only the beginning. We've created the space, but it goes on being a 'work in progress' between us all for as long as we want. We look forward to sharing the journey together. 

Link to staging site - come and join in. 

Hub goes live on 3rd March 2017

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