23rd August 2018
change text in the sky

We live in a world where a few tweets can significantly affect a celebrity, company1 or nation. Technological and scientific change is more noticeable than ever. A ‘long time in politics’ is now measured by the hour rather than the week. Today, things move quickly and change is a constant. It’s down to the individual to decide whether this is a positive or negative development because the individual is always right… aren’t they?

Dear reader, it’s been six months since our last post.

One change that is good and definitely positive is the return of the Sheldon Hub Blog. A lot can happen in six months. Kim Jong Un has gone from a reclusive state leader to regular summit sojourner. Benjamin Netanyahu has entwined the state of Israel with being Jewish2. And anti-semitism and Islamophobia are at the forefront of British party politics. I would mention Brexit, but thought I’d keep to the ‘safe’ topics instead “hashtag sarcasm”.

Yes, as always the world is in constant flux. When you last heard from the Blog we were looking for a Managing Curator/Editor for the Hub. Well, guess who is typing these words? … No, not an infinite number of monkeys, 'tis I, the new Managing Curator/Editor. Hello, I'm Darren, and very pleased to be with you all. There’s a lot I could tell you about me, but I think the best description is one borrowed (curated?) and mangled (edited?) from the late Douglas Adams, “Darren? He’s just this guy.”

If change is constant what has been going on since we last spoke with regard to the Hub?

Project CDM

The Hub has a special area for our CDM project. What is CDM? CDM, or Clergy Discipline Measure, is a Church of England legal process to look at complaints made against clergy. The Hub has noticed, both from its members and through other anecdotal evidence, that the process has some issues. Project CDM is an initiative The Hub is facilitating to bring humanity to clergy discipline. If you'd like to know more then head on over to the pages. And/or if you know anyone who has been or is currently facing a CDM then do share this blog post with them.

New design (yes, more change!)

Looking around as you read these words you'll notice The Hub has a shiny new look and feel. Taking on board your comments and feedback we've spruced up the site. The result is an experience with more clarity, making it easier to find your way around to do healthy ministry together. We’ve cleaned up the navigation, simplified the forums and brightened the place up with a lick of virtual paint. Do come and take a look, especially if it’s a while since you stopped by.

and finally

… but most importantly, how are you doing? A lot can change in six months and that includes you. The Hub is here for you. You can share, collaborate and even commiserate with other people in ministry just like you. Support one another with prayer, top tips and encouragement.

  • Are things going in a positive or negative direction?
  • Is there an issue that you need to resolve and need help with?
  • Did something make you laugh during a moment of silent meditation?

On The Hub, you can share it all, from an informal chat around The Kitchen Table to a deeper issue that needs addressing at The Surgery. Come along and join The Hub – let’s do healthy ministry together

1 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45105674

2 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-44881...

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Project CDM