1st July 2020

Do you remember the good old days with carefree trips to the seaside or a festival - turn on, tune in, drop out?  Yes, that was long, long before 2020...

Back in February, when we'd only just started to add words like 'pandemic' and 'coronavirus' into our vocabulary, we ran a Valentine’s "Love the Hub" fundraiser. Hubbers donated an amazing £8,000+. We didn't get round to thanking you properly because, well, you know what happened next. The Sheldon team has been facing a few challenges similar to those of Hub members. 

How on earth could something as small as a virus turn our lives upside down so completely? 

  • Lives lost
  • Life in lockdown
  • Ministry transformed

Throughout these seismic changes, the Hub has been here for members providing a safe space for people in ministry to share with and support each other.

Because real-world Sheldon has temporarily closed its doors too, its income stream has dried up and it cannot easily subsidise the Hub in the way it has been. So we are running a new "Love the Hub" campaign for July. 

The Hub costs more than you might imagine to keep going:

  • Hosting
  • Technical maintenance
  • Design & editing
  • Moderating

In an expansive year, a budget of £90,000 does nicely. Cutting it much more finely to sustain what we're currently doing we need £40,000.

There are a couple more trust applications waiting for decisions, but we need to build a reliable income stream from members. A fundraiser's pyramid might look like 1 x £10,000 + 10 x £1,000 + 100 x £100 + 1,000 x £10 = £40,000. We don't imagine ministry getting any easier in the foreseeable future, so we hope this is something Hubbers will want to find ways of keeping going.

So following a spring of lockdown, let’s have the Summer of Love the Hub. If you are able, please support the Hub as the only interdenominational, confidential mutual support resource for people in ministry. 

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