17th September 2018

Have you noticed the number of people talking about taking digital holidays? I don’t mean people taking virtual trips down the Nile or touring the solar system via augmented reality. There are a growing number of my friends and those I follow, on Facebook and Twitter, who are saying they need a break from their social media accounts for any number of reasons. It seems as though some feel that all this browsing, commenting, liking and trolling is getting a bit too much. They feel their digital life is being lived to excess [or XS to stay current with the new iPhone - Ed] and want or need to reconnect with the physical world.

When it comes to Church ministry we have a model that can offer some light on the subject of taking breaks, the sabbatical. A sabbatical could be seen as a break from ministry. Just like those taking a break from social media. However, it’s not really a break, it should be seen as part of our ministry, an essential part. If we don’t take time out to recharge we will not be at our best.

A sabbatical should be a time of
relaxation, recuperation and restoration

When the digital community on The Hub discussed the essentials of a sabbatical we distilled it down to seven essential steps. The steps range from before to during and after your sabbatical and they are:

  1. Organise your church community
  2. Plan but don’t over-plan
  3. Plan a rest before the Sabbatical
  4. [Have] A balanced Sabbatical
  5. Be prepared for the unexpected
  6. Four Sabbatical essentials
  7. Things should be different afterwards

You can read Seven Steps to a Significant Sabbatical, in full, on The Hub here. The article is available to everyone, however, if you’d like to explore sabbaticals (there is much more than these steps), or any other ministry topics, in The Hub forums and features sections, you’ll need to join. The Hub is free for anyone involved in Ministry (see our current definition) and signing up is nice and easy (Join/Login), we’d love to welcome you to The Hub community.

And finally…

I ask myself if I need a digital sabbatical, or break? I don’t think I am at the stage where I need a deliberate break, I still know where the off button is and use it frequently. Unplugging and getting away from the screens is beneficial. Sometimes we all need a little reset. How about you and your ministry? Do you need a break or a reset? Come and join with others involved in ministry and share, safely and in confidence, your own thoughts, concerns and prayers.

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