2nd December 2016

'Sanity is a shared model of reality". Well, thought that was a quote by someone wise, but Google doesn’t seem to have heard of it so maybe we can claim it? The point is that we can’t actually do sanity on our own Tweet: The point is that we can’t actually do sanity on our own http://ctt.ec/gcf2e+ , or at least most of us can’t most of the time. Tons of research on mental health shows that informal social support networks are the single most protective factor against depression (and absence thereof the biggest risk factor). And we hear so many people in ministry saying they feel isolated and lonely. That’s why the ‘together’ part of the Hub strapline is so important. This isn’t something any of us can do on our own, or should need to try. The Hub is intended to be a place we can belong – sharing online and connecting back in the real world.

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Francis Pole Dec 07, 2016

I agree too, but it is more difficult to find that support for retired clergy - especially when Diocesan Retired Clergy Associations are non-existent, and groups such as SCP are very cliquey and confined to just part of the diocese. (Rant over!!!)

Howard Peskett Dec 07, 2016

Agree wholeheartedly about the therapeutic necessity of "informal social support". But, in response, to "sanity is a shared model of reality" - I wonder why it is that large groups of people can come to believe "post-truth" lies and rubbish and together do some very stupid things...

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