18th December 2019
christmas candle

And all round the country, not a mouse stirred at a vicarage, manse or parsonage. All was calm, quiet and at peace. Everything was prepared for the Christmas celebrations. Sermons were written, nativities rehearsed and Christingles prepared. Services to be held at different times and places had been arranged with little disruption. All was calm. Peace to all, especially those in ministry.

You know what it’s really like. Everyone on the Hub knows what it’s really like. The Hub forums resound with the joyful stories about Christmas! Most people feel added pressure and stress at Christmas. For those in ministry, it is amplified. Some love it and thrive while others find it difficult and overwhelming. On the Hub, the moments of calm and joy are shared, along with the times of storm and anxiety. Advice, support and ‘yeah, I get it’ are the replies.

The Hub is here for everyone in ministry at any time of the day. It is here even the night before Christmas... although we know you might be engaged in sharing the real meaning of the season.

And so, we want to send this simple message.

From everyone at the Hub to everyone in ministry we wish you a Christmas filled with peace and love, may God bless you.

Image by Stefan Nyffenegger from Pixabay

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