14th April 2017

What's new?

The Hub is now 6 weeks old with a membership of 500. We are responding to member feedback by tweaking things to make them easier to use, and developing new features members want. The biggest of these is the option of Closed (private) Forums within the Hub which have the potential to be more useful than closed Facebook groups. We look forward to learning how members develop their use. 

A recent post in the Forum speaks for itself " ... [  ], thank you for your honesty. I do find that aspect of this hub one of the most precious things - it's a place where people have the courage to be real." A truly supportive and praying community. 

We have seven Hub Reflection interviews posted and are developing support and learning material around them. They tackle real life experiences such as bereavement, marriage breakdown, overload and conflict. Another four interviews were filmed last month. So many people say they don't want tough experiences to be wasted - sharing them for others to learn and benefit from is an important part of the Hub ethos. 

Members are also starting to fill up the Library with good reference material and the latest category suggestion for the Connect in the Real World listings is a place to network for those seeking to fill or find posts in ministry.

We designed the Hub from the start to be a collaborative, member-led, grass-roots project. We've provided the framework, manage the doorkeeping, and do everything in our power to keep the space safe. It's an honour and privilege to be part of the community that's now growing here.

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