Why a Summer of Love the Hub?

Real-world Sheldon income is significantly impacted by lockdown and social distancing so it cannot easily subsidise the Hub in the way it has been. We know that the Hub has been a real lifeline for many people in ministry through recent months. A time when so many support resources have been stripped away and immense creative energy has been needed at the drop of a hat to lead through seismic events and repeated policy changes. We know you love the Hub, and the support of this community is needed now more than ever. We just need that love to be made tangible to help pay the bills. Because who else really gets it? 

Donate and Support

The best longterm love you can give the Hub is a banker's order. To do this, use your Hub login details on the main Sheldon site.

Longterm Love the Hub

The Hub costs more than you might imagine to keep going:

Technical maintenance
Design & editing 

In an expansive year, a budget of £90,000 does nicely. 
Cutting it much more finely, to sustain what we're currently doing, we need £40,000.

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