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Is a change of role on the horizon? This growing collection of articles, discussions and resources is here to help during all sorts of transitions in ministry. 


The following resources are a great starting point when a potential change in role appears on the horizon. 

An introduction to the work and process of the Clergy Transition Service - The CTS is a Church of England resource for clergy at a vocational crossroads.

Navigating the appointment process - A collection of videos from 3D Coaching to help guide you through the process of changing your role.


There are plenty of informative and in-depth discussions around discerning, applying and getting (or not) a new role. We selected some and they are highlighted and linked below.

If you are coming to the  end of your Curacy, what options are there, where can advice can be found, and what can you do if nothing seems to be happening?

Thinking of moving can strike at any time so how might you respond?

What if you no longer feel 'called' and find yourself  trapped in ministry?

Interviews have a few threads on the Hub with some very good advice being shared, including potentially tricky situations such as when you have been in your current post less than two years ... some more interview advice and a chat around what happens at Clergy interviews.

After a stressful role that has left you beaten down what options might be out there? (This thread also looks at chaplaincy.) 

Sometimes it's hard when you're having problems finding a new role and you feel exposed by going through the process repeatedly. 

Taking on a role from someone who has been  long-in-post can be a challenge on a permanent or short-term basis.

What about moving from self-supporting ministry to a stipendiary incumbency?

And what happens when the post you apply for is not at the place described? The inaccuracy of parish profiles caused some concern, enough that it is also discussed here.

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