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From hermeneutics to homiletics, a growing collection of articles, discussions and resources to sustain the preaching part of your ministry.  

This is an expanding topic, with the aim of helping your ministry in the following areas: 

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Preaching Preparation: A collection of Hub wisdom on how to prepare to preach

How to Create Effective Devotional Sermons: A brief overview of what makes effective devotional material


Six steps to sermon serenity: the basic steps required to deliver a sermon that is remembered for the right reasons

Relevant Library and Listings Resources


The Witness of Preaching: helping the preacher to think more about what we do and why we’re doing it

Wrestling for Blessing: reaches out to everyone church-damaged and battered by life or who has struggled to find God

Preaching Like a Woman: advice on preaching the lectionary with new angles on texts and sample sermons


College of Preachers: website and magazine to assist preachers

Spirituality of Conflict: providing reflections for the gospel reading for every Sunday of the three-year lectionary cycle

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