Topic: Ministry Support – supervision/reflection

Do you know your supervision from your line management? Reflective practice groups from action learning sets? Mentoring from coaching? Sometimes it looks like a bit of a jungle out there. Welcome to  Ministry Support: supervision and reflection.


To start demystifying all this we thought it might be helpful to start bringing together a few ideas and learn more from the experience of Hubbers on this topic 

A clear recommendation coming out of the Draft Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing is for Anglican clergy to have access to RPGs or other forms of supervision. The Methodist church has started investing heavily in 1:1 supervision, largely within a line management framework, through a major programme of training within its own ranks. 

Whatever the format, what we are thinking about here is ways of reflecting regularly on the practice of ministry as a means of learning, support and safeguarding.

What's your experience of using, searching for, funding or providing any of these types of resources? Please do start or join the conversations.

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