Author: Tomkinson, Raymond
ISBN: 9781506459127
Publisher: Augsburg Books
Year Published: 2020

A Resource for Weary Christians and Those Who Care About Them

Created on 07 Jul 2021
Last updated on 07 Jul 2021
Moderated on 08 Jul 2021


From his own experience of chronic fatigue syndrome, Raymond Tomkinson demonstrates how weariness, whatever its cause, and the rest it demands can be blessed by God. He challenges the apparent assumption that strength and busyness are good, weakness and stillness are bad. His aim is to release people from unnecessary burdens of guilt and lack of self-worth. Each chapter examines a different aspect of our perception of strength and weakness and includes follow-up material for reflection, discussion, and prayer. The intention is to provide encouragement to all those, sufferers or carers, who need to know that God is at work in our weakness, in our passivity, and in our receptivity. Some aspects of our relationship with God can only develop fully if we take advantage of the times when we are laid aside from the bustle and routine of twenty-first century living.

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