What's the itch we're scratching?

So many people trust us with their stories that Sheldon has a unique window into the darker sides of ministry as well as the joys. It's an open secret that there is a culture of running ourselves ragged in ways that risk our physical and mental health and our intimate relationships. Too many people leave ministry in sickness, despair, disillusion or disgrace. The Gospel is often good news for everyone except the occupants of the manse or vicarage. 

As individuals, we are relatively powerless trying to swim against the tide of an unhealthy culture. We collude with unacceptable behaviours and suffer the injuries of friendly fire. When we speak it's with a shrug that says well, that's just how it is. When we shout for help we're as likely to become a problem to be managed as we are to receive care, empathy and practical support.

Can we be the change together?

We see a real appetite for change - a hunger for doing ministry in ways that bring a flourishing of the human spirit. We can't radically change a culture overnight. But we can form alliances, learn together, and support each other while we practice new habits of being and doing. 

The Hub is a collaborative grassroots resource. It doesn't presume to know the answers. It stands as a critical best friend to the institutions of the church. It's a generous and open-hearted space. Together we are building an online community of mutual support, a bank of trustworthy advice and a live directory of people and places to connect with each other back in the real world.

Many people who have been through the dark and difficult times want their experience to benefit others, to not be wasted. In the Hub, we can share our stories and learn from each other's journeys in faith and ministry.