The Hub is free for all members to use.

But, in case you're wondering, yes it is quite an expensive job to create a lovely thing like this.

The initial costs of building the Hub have been met by very generous donors including a legacy to Sheldon and the wonderful organisations whose badges appear at the bottom of the page. 

Our task now is to make the Hub sustainable. We're looking at a yearly budget of about £50,000 to pay for things like some staff time, keeping the Hub hosted online, adding new features, developing content, publicising to new members, etc. 

We hope that there will be senior people in the Districts, Dioceses, Areas, Regions of the various denominations who will see the value of the to the Clergy and Ministers they serve. Our benchmark is £2,000/year for organisations considering supporting the Hub.

For individuals, anything you wish to contribute would be greatly welcomed. Anything you give to the Hub will go into Sheldon's account as a Restricted Fund which means we will be sure to spend it on the Hub.

Here's your link to donate online now.

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Thank you.