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Search and ye shall find

We are embarking on some really exciting development work at the Hub. It will enable everyone to find exactly what they are looking for and make it much easier to add new resources...

22nd July 2021

Planning the way ahead

Last week there was a socially distanced meeting regarding the Hub. For many of us, it was the first face to face meeting in over a year. We were meeting to look at the Hub development...

20th May 2021

How the Hub can help with Trauma and Loss

How are you feeling? This past year has affected us all. To help those in ministry the Hub has created a new collection of resources about Trauma and Collective Loss. Our latest blog post explains all you need to know about this new valuable resource.

15th April 2021

Ministry tales during lockdown

Zoom and other tales form ministry life during lockdown

15th March 2021

A Christmas Hug from Sheldon

A Christmas 'round robin' from the Sheldon Community

8th December 2020

Thin places and liturgies

The time around All Souls and especially All Souls Eve is believed to be a ‘thin time’. Alongside Remembrance Sunday, these are times when we remember those who have gone before and those we have lost. But how can we 'remember' these events whilst dealing with the Coronavirus?

20th October 2020

An Unbalanced Equinox

Depending on which hemisphere we live in, we are about to have one of the two equinoxes. When daytime and nighttime are equal and balanced. However, our lives continue to be anything but balanced. Governments struggle to balance freedoms against the spread of the coronavirus... but the Hub is here for those in ministry.

21st September 2020

A Hub in Uncertain Times

The Hub is a port in a storm and here for the long haul

10th August 2020

Locked doors unlock opportunities

We are all dealing with change and loss during this traumatic time. Watch the latest video from the Hub exploring collective loss.

14th May 2020

One storm, different boats

The Hub's Coronavirus collection of articles, discussions and practical tips is growing. Our latest blog post explains what's new and how the Hub is helping.

20th April 2020

Coronavirus and us

How does the coronavirus affect the church and those in ministry? Our latest blog post lets you know how the Hub is helping.

19th March 2020

Let's get organised

An introduction to the collections on the Hub. Resources on a single topic compiled for easy use.

7th March 2020

Love the Hub this February

February is the month of Love, so we invite you to Love the Hub in this update

31st January 2020

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