This is the home for all the resources you may need to support your ministry. It is live, dynamic and regularly updated with ideas shared by other members and organisations.

It includes websites, files, videos, courses, blogs, audio, periodicals and even books! In addition, you’ll find real-world organisations, individuals and events! This resource list contains details, relevant links and where appropriate reviews by Hub members.

Find, create and share the resources to help you maintain your ministry. Hub members can add new resources, rate and review the content.

FAQ: How to add resources. Please note: the listing of a resource in the Hub does not imply any endorsement by Sheldon of that resource.


In addition to the individual resources found above, The Hub has a selection of curated content highlighted below. It includes commissioned articles, edited resources and collated content from the forums. This trustworthy bank of advice grows from the themes and topics raised within the Hub

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If you have a book, website, event or other resources you have found helpful in ministry you can add them to the Hub. Simply click the following, add a new resource, fill in the details and click publish. If you've found it helpful so might others. Let them know by adding more ministry resources.