Associate membership of the Hub

We've been talking with many organisations who provide support, care, training, etc for people in ministry. Some of them are part of denominational structures and others are independent charities. Associate membership enables us to create space in the Hub for these types of collaborations while also protecting the quality of confidential safe space for Core members of the Hub.

We can give providers and policymakers sheltered space for conversations with the people who benefit from (or bear the costs of) such provisions/policies in day-to-day ministry. In such a space, documents can be posted and commented on, ideas floated, progress reported, etc. This basically describes what we already have in mind for the Research and Development Lab in the Hub, but the problem is that many of the people who should be in these conversations are not eligible for full Hub membership.

What is Associate membership?

  • Associate members are people with a legitimate interest in clergy support, training, research and welfare but who do not qualify for full membership of the Hub - see below.
  • The following areas of the Hub are open to Associate members:
    • The Research and Development Laboratory forum - all about research and practice, what’s planned but also what is already out there because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel...
    • The Pages section - collations of different types of content around a specific theme.
    • Resources - a place for uploading and reviewing any published external material that we've found helpful in doing ministry.
  • An automated monthly digest email for Associate members.

Who can apply for Associate Membership?

The Hub offers Associate Member access to selected areas of the Hub (at the absolute discretion of the Hub Administrators) to people in the following categories who train, support and work alongside people in the Ministry category:

  • teaching and pastoral staff from recognised theological colleges and courses.
  • therapists, counsellors, retreat leaders and spiritual directors regularly working with people in ministry.
  • people employed in a relevant role by an organisation routinely offering direct practical, pastoral or financial support or training to people in ministry (including charities, unions).
  • people employed by the church at regional or national level in roles directly involved with ministers (eg Human Resources, pensions, housing).
  • independent practitioners regularly working with people in ministry (eg ecclesiastical lawyers).
  • nominated members of affiliated organisations or projects (Synod group for Clergy Covenant, Congregation and Tragedy project, National Estate Churches Network).
  • people in licensed lay ministry that is active, authorised and accountable.
  • people engaged in bona fide research directly relevant to the welfare of people in ministry.

How do I apply for Associate membership?

  • Click on the Login button at the top of this page and then enter your details in the 'Register/Check' section of the Login page.
  • Click Next and complete the Signup form.
  • In order to keep the Hub safe and secure, the Sheldon Community will validate both your status (in your role) and that your email address belongs to you. We will do this a quickly as possible - thanks for your patience and co-operation with this.