19th March 2020

What will the church of the future look like? It’s a subject often discussed on the Hub but there probably weren’t many of us expecting to have to address it from this angle.

If church is community how do we even go about being church when we can’t meet together? Well, we’re having to find out VERY fast. Thank goodness for the Hub as space we can turn to amid the challenges and anxieties – personal, practical, emotional and communal.

  • What is church during the coronavirus lockdown?
  • What is community when we have to social distance?
  • How can we keep our communities safe and faithful?
  • How do I turn on this video camera?

We’ve put together a new Hub Collection focussing specifically on Coronavirus and all its ramifications as they unfold for people in ministry. We’re adding the new threads to the Collection as they are started, and if you have useful links or other resources we’ll add them in. You can share and discuss anything relevant to your life and ministry from medical matters to technical advice and assistance to just have safe space for a wail or a weep.

The Hub is all about doing healthy ministry together – what better time to come together and build our supportive community online. It’s free to use, and a space to share and sustain each other through this time. Because we don’t want people in ministry ever to feel alone. 

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Collection: Coronavirus

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