14th May 2020

When the plague struck Europe during the Middle Ages people often turned to God for answers. People went to the churches and monasteries and pleaded for some divine intervention. Unfortunately, their actions may well have helped the spread of infection. Today, we know better, social distancing and closing much of society has mitigated the spread of COVID-19.

But, for those who want to seek some divine guidance in this current situation our church doors have remained closed. For those in need of a familiar place to pray and listen to God, the doors are locked. Yet clergy have not been idle and silent. Many have leapt from the pulpit and sat in front of a webcam. Digital sermons, prayers and services have gone viral in a positive way. Ministry adapts to the needs of the people and the current culture.

Trauma and loss

The Coronavirus pandemic is a traumatic event. Beneath the clapping and cheering for the health workers and other frontline staff, the acts of compassion and help for others and some amazing fundraising efforts, there is the pain of loss. The loss of loved ones and friends, the loss of freedoms and the loss of what was our normal way of living. The loss of our traditional way of worship. It is all traumatic and is affecting us all to some extent.

The Hub is exploring the issue of loss, trauma and its effects in a series of interviews and discussions. Carla Grosch-Miller and her colleagues at tragedy and congregations have been researching this issue and we were able to chat with Carla about collective loss and how trauma can affect us.

The first video is below to watch. Good forum conversation plus two follow up videos looking at Self-care and at Leadership from a trauma-informed perspective are here in the Hub.

We don't know what the future will look like. We don't know what the new normal for churches will be. However, the Hub is there for those in ministry to discuss together the pain of loss and the hope for the future.

Come in and chat, the doors of the Hub are open.

Image by Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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