31st January 2020
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February is the month of Love. St Valentine will be merrily playing his part on his feast day, and as it is a leap year, equal opportunities take centre stage with women and men both able to ‘pop the question’. Daylight hours increase meaning spring is just around the corner promoting thoughts of new life and new hope, and dare I say, love.

With all these thoughts of love, we would like to offer you the opportunity to show the Hub a little love.

The Hub is free to those affectionately known as Hubbers. It continues to provide a safe and secure environment to share and support each other doing healthy ministry. This Hub is supported by a wonderful group of loving volunteers who keep an eye on things, adding and sharing content alongside the Sheldon Community and our salaried Managing Curator/Editor. Since its creation, the Hub has grown, gone through several makeovers and now has over 1700 Hubbers. We like to think it is doing exactly what it is meant to do.

Significant running costs

  • The Hub needs to be hosted, it might be virtual but Internet real estate comes at a price
  • The Hub needs maintenance, like any building, bits fall apart, need repair and it’s always nice to decorate and even add the odd extension. This means IT developer costs
  • The Hub needs content. New content is created, edited and checked, ideas and resources from Hubbers are collected and curated to help in ministry. This means salary costs

Start-up funding for the Hub was provided by several trusts and we have applications in progress for extending this a little longer. The above list of costs is not inconsequential (£50,000 bare minimum, £90,000 ideal per year) and we need to set the Hub on a firm financial foundation for the future.

One of these is waving the flag this February and giving you the opportunity to love the Hub.

This February, this month of love, we are asking if you’d love the Hub by making a donation. We won’t be asking all the time, just once or twice a year, and this is a simple, February/Valentines opportunity.

Your love will help and The Hub will continue to make a big ‘healthy’ difference to those in ministry.

You can Love the Hub on our TotalGiving page

Love the Hub

Or, if you are logged in on the Hub on our

The Hub Donate page

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