20th April 2020
boats on the sea with dark clouds but the sun breaking through

There are many words and phrases that have become common during the past month or so. From ‘unprecedented’ to ‘social-distancing’, ‘lockdown’ to ‘PPE’, our language has changed. Our lives are also very different. No one knows how Coronavirus will change things in the short or long term.

Easter, the heart of the Christian calendar and a time of hope, has passed with church buildings closed and celebrations attended remotely. The church may appear shut, but those in ministry are working out how to live out their calling in very different ways.

The Hub is here as a support resource for people in ministry, and ministry is very different right now. The Hub is a safe and confidential place for members to meet, share, let off steam and support one another. Although the Hub still offers the same as it did before the virus infected society, it too is adapting and changing to respond to evolving needs of members.

As one Hubber shared, although we are all at sea in the same storm we each find ourselves in boats of varying shapes, sizes and seaworthiness. The Hub loves doing healthy ministry together so we are sharing and developing resources as we go.

As many new forum threads opened up around Coronavirus topics, we have started dividing up our Coronavirus Collection into sections

  • Theological reflection
  • Looking after ourselves
  • Official/denominational links
  • Funerals and other liturgies
  • Show and tell (things we’ve found useful)
  • Practical tips
  • Gripes and grumbles

Although the Hub operates behind a confidential login, we have decided to make as much Coronavirus material as possible accessible without having to log in. However, all the forum conversations will remain private to logged in members and this is where the real strength of the Hub lies. 

If you are in ministry then you would be very welcome to join the Hub community to help stay afloat and navigate the storm. If you are already a member, then share this post with colleagues – joining the Hub might be just the thing they need. And of course chip in to share what you’re finding useful and/or reach out for help if you’re struggling.  

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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