7th March 2020

Life, the universe and everything likes order. From atoms to molecules. Stars to galaxies and beyond. The stuff of all things likes a bit of structure. And us humans are just the same. We like to organise things.

  • Learning into subjects
  • People into nations
  • Music and books into genres
  • Faith into religions and denominations
  • Felt tips into colours... or is that just me?

Organisation makes things easier to find

On the Hub resources page, you'll see our own organisation in the shape of Collections. Collections are Resources and Forum threads grouped together around a life/ministry theme arising from the Hub community. They contain Forum discussions, a Bookshelf, Our Stories and other Resources all collected in one place.

The Hub is a community that supports one another. The discussions provide the starting point; a question asked, a request made, a thought raised and then the mutual support begins. Books, websites and wisdom are offered up and ministry is supported. That's where the Collections emerge.

The Collection themes are all based on Hubbers' ministry needs. And the majority of Resources found are from wisdom contributed by other Hub members. In the Collections, we’ve done the searching and collating so you don’t have to! Our aim is to make the amazingly rich content of the Hub as accessible and useful as possible.

The Hub and its Collections are here to help you do healthy ministry.

We’d love to hear what you think about this new format, and especially if you have ideas for more Resources to add to existing Collections, or ideas for subjects for new ones.

Take a look at the Collections today and remember to share this post with others you know in ministry using the buttons below.

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