20th May 2021
A path or road ahead between green hills

Last week we had a socially distanced meeting regarding the Hub. For many of us, it was the first face to face meeting in over a year. We were meeting to look at the Hub development. The Hub is not static and in order to support you, its users, and make the Hub experience as simple and integrated as possible requires ongoing development.

The Hub content is a mix of forum posts and resources. All the content originates from Hub users, either directly or indirectly. When a Hubber needs advice, other users will share their experiences or suggest resources. When a topic or theme becomes popular on the Hub we also pull the best content and advice together into collections.

Development is a constant balance between ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ and meeting the needs of the users. At times it feels like the Hub is running exactly as it should…

“Thank you all so much for the wise words and support. Wow. You are one fantastic community indeed. “

However, our recent survey confirmed what we suspected that most Hub users are unaware of the range of content beyond the forums. So, our plan is to integrate the Resources and Forums more tightly and to make the process of adding resources even simpler. This will mean that when a Hubber visits for support and advice they will be easily able to access all the historic collected wisdom of Hub members. You may have noticed that similar issues and patterns return fairly regularly!

We are aiming to make the whole Hub experience so simple and obvious you don’t even know what we’ve done under the bonnet. We’d love your input as we develop the Hub and we also appreciate and value your financial support.

We’ll be keeping you informed of developments but remember the Hub is for you, so please let us know how it works for you and where we need to improve. The Hub Dev forum is the best place for these conversations.


We’re expecting to spend about £10,000 over and above the routine running costs of the Hub to this piece of work. Support the development and maintenance of the Hub with a donation.

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