22nd July 2021
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When something helps you, you want to share it, right? We see Hub members recommending things all the time in forum conversations. A book here, an organisation there, maybe a website or another network. Many threads become a veritable treasure trove of good resources. We think that if this love of sharing could be better harnessed it would enable the Hub to add even more value for ministry. When a resource you share in a conversation becomes a 'Resource' in the Hub database, another person who has a similar problem can find it by using a Search. So then the next person benefits too. And the next. And the next ... There's so much good stuff out there, but finding the right thing just when you need it is the big challenge. 

Google is Google. Their search engine indexes, catalogues and delivers a plethora of results from across the web. When something breaks, we are very, very grateful that it exists. But Google has a budget of squillions of dollars, and we all know the adage that when it comes to online resources "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product". 

The Hub is the Hub. Our finances are very limited. The Hub is a labour of love and we promise that you will never be "the product". The Hub’s unique anonymity features mean that we can’t use Google’s search inside our site. On our budget, we cannot make the Hub Search work as well as Google's does. However, with a little bit of help from our friends, we think it's time to make some small improvements that will make a big difference.

We have a plan ...

Our plan is to improve the way Resources get into the Hub and then how users can Search to find them when you need them. Part of the answer is technical, and part of the answer is human. We have drafted a plan for a combination of technical improvements alongside recruiting volunteers to do the clever relationship bits that computers can't do. We think this combined approach will help the Hub grow its value. But of course, there's a cost - probably £15,000 - £25,000. We don’t have Google's resources but…

The Hub has you. The Hub needs you.

So we need to run another Love the Hub campaign. Our target is £10,000 towards the next tranche of IT development costs - "Love the Hub Search". Is this something you could support? There are about 1,000 logins to the Hub each week so we know the Hub is valued and needed. We'd love you to be part of the next steps in developing the Hub. If you're already logged in you can go straight to your donate page, or you can use our Total Giving page

Equally, some of you might have time and skill to offer for a special new role? We've tentatively called the role Hub Helper but the first thing we want is for you to help us choose the name (although Helper McHelpface may be overruled!) This new type of Hub member will have access and training to spot resources shared in the Forums and quickly add them as Resources straight into the footer of the post. For more information and to have your say on the name click here for the Hub Development forum.

You are the Hub’s greatest resource and it's your participation that makes the Hub. Your willingness to help others with advice and resources enriches the ministry of other members. Your financial support means the Hub experience can be made easier and simpler. Your prayers sustain the whole endeavour.

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