29th March 2022
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The Hub is built as a human space, we don't power it with algorithms - neither to try and sell you stuff nor to keep you trapped in an echo chamber. 

As the Hub grows in breadth and depth we needed to make it easier to find and share its (sometimes buried) treasures. We've opted to put better tools in human hands rather than subject you to algorithms.

It's taken 9 months gestation, but we made a plan and set about implementing it. Our developers got to work making the process of adding resources simpler and integrating them directly into discussions.

Alongside the development work, we recruited a group of amazing volunteers. These Helpers are now an integral part of the Hub, making suggestions, offering help and making sure things work. They are real people and not a piece of code - they are (extra)ordinary Hub members like you. They know what it is like to be in ministry and that you need resources and links that are relevant, helpful and timely.

The bulk of the development work is now completed. The creation of tools to simplify adding resources and integrating them into discussions is done. Links to relevant resources, helpful books and other discussions are now more clearly visible within forum threads. When a Hubber asks for help or makes a suggestion for something useful, Helpers can easily join the dots with links to an existing resource or discussion. Hub Helpers are also on hand to help with finding your way around, and they have suggested other tweaks and improvements too. We are seeing the benefits already!

The Hub is a human resource, powered by those in ministry for those in ministry.

A big thank you to the Hub Helpers who are making the Hub an even better place to be and helping us curate the best content for you.

If you haven't dropped by for a while, come and take a look.

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