A big thank you for the nearly £5,000 you've given this year towards keeping the Hub alive, safe and free at the point of use for everyone in ministry.

Most years we need to ask members to give a total of £10,000. However, this year we received some extra grant funding and have spent less on publicity and technical support for the platform.

We won't cry wolf now. However there will come a time soon when Hub survival depends much more heavily on your active support. The Sheldon Hub remains a unique and precious space and its independence needs safeguarding. All gifts for the Hub are ring-fenced for this purpose. If everyone can give a little and often then we will be able to keep it running.

Let’s show some Advent love for the Hub by making standing orders our top priority. Are you ready for a challenge?

  • 100 new standing orders
  • £2.50 (the cost of a fancy bauble?!) per month
  • Raises £3,000 each year for the Hub

decorate the hub christmas tree and advent love bauble

Click the button and use your Hub credentials to log in (to the Sheldon retreat website).
There you will find a widget which you can use to create a form to print and send to your bank

Create a Standing Order

1. If you already have a standing order to the ministry fund you won't be able to create a separate one for the Hub in this way - use your own online banking below
2. Apparently you cannot use a "+" in the reference, but "&" works instead

Alternatively, Log in to your own online banking and set up a standing order in favour of
The Society of Mary and Martha 20-30-47 60830895 with reference HUB & [YOUR NAME]

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Use this button to make a one off donation for the Hub 
(make sure you are logged in)

The Sheldon Hub is part of the Sheldon ministry - a totally independent charity here for people in ministry

We have invested in a high level of security and many other features to keep the Hub safe and useful for you
Quality doesn't come cheap. The basic budget of £30,000/year pays for a part time Curator/Editor and all the technical hosting and backup.

We aim to raise £10,000 each year in member donations to support the Hub.
The balance is currently supported by donations by The Henry Smith Trust and The Drapers' Company.

Additional publicity or platform development costs are in addition to this basic budget when we can afford them.