In these days of a shifting and uncertain social media landscape, it can be difficult to find a safe, troll-free and authenticated space, especially for those in Christian ministry. The Sheldon Hub offers just that. A space where you can be yourself or share anonymously, seek support and ask for help without fear of reprisal, rejection or judgement. Or simply hang out and chat.

A couple of times a year we invite members to contribute towards the costs of running the Hub. The bare-bones running cost for the Hub is £30,000/year. 

We are inviting Hub members to contribute £10,000 toward this. 

Please give now if you can.

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Ready to Give Now?

Here are the ways you can support the Hub with a gift ...

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If you're not logged in to the Hub

  click here to donate

The best way to keep the Hub going long-term is to make a standing order.
The best way to do this is to use your Hub login details on the main Sheldon site and go to the 'standing order' tab.

Love the Hub Long-term

You can also set up a standing order with PayPal through the Total Giving page

The Sheldon Hub is part of the Sheldon ministry - a totally independent charity here for people in ministry

We have invested in a high level of security and many other features to keep the Hub safe and useful for you
Quality doesn't come cheap. The basic budget of £30,000/year pays for a part time Curator/Editor and all the technical hosting and backup.

We aim to raise £10,000 each year in member donations to support the Hub. 
Members contributed £7,500 towards this in 2022.
We would really appreciate getting to our £10,000 support target in 2023.
The balance is currently supported by donations by The Henry Smith Trust and The Drapers' Company.

Additional publicity or platform development costs are in addition to this basic budget when we can afford them.

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