10th August 2020
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We can safely say that 2020 has been an unusual year and we still have little idea of what the ‘new normal’ might be. Of course, 'normal' is a word that carries so much subjective baggage. And whether a normal ever existed in the first place is open to discussion. What is beyond doubt is that this pandemic has affected us all and caused all of us some level of stress or dislocation.

Coping with stress in ministry

For those in ministry, there is the added weight of leading a congregation through a period of significant upheaval, change and uncertainty.

Issues arising around re-opening churches, changing guidance, preaching in a mask and conflicts over unsanctioned services are just some of the challenges that have been facing people in ministry. 

For those in the know, the place to come is the Sheldon Hub. All of these issues and many others are being discussed in the Hub forums. With additional isolation, community is additionally important. 

“I’m not on my own here… “ "The gift of the Hub" "... hope you are feeling the love and support of other Hubbers"

But the Hub isn’t just for support during a global pandemic. There are still all the more mundane aspects of ministry. When a Hubber needed help with cleaning vestments marked with rust, they knew exactly where to turn!

If you are in ministry the Hub is here for you. We have a dedicated Coronavirus section collating all the latest discussions and resources. Life and ministry are in a state of flux so it is reassuring to know that the Hub offers a safe haven of support and love.

Come and be part of this community of practice for people in ministry. It's secure and it's free. 

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