18th November 2021
a christmas gift for the hub

It was the month before Christmas but the Hub was anything but quiet. The Hubbers are sharing. The developers are developing. The editors are editing. The cat is fast asleep.

The Hub itself is changing, updates are rolling out to make it more useful. Adding, finding and sharing a resource is becoming much simpler.

The Hub is free for members to use, but maintaining and developing it costs time and money. The development work will help us focus our time on the most important content on the Hub. Earlier this year we ran our Love the Hub Search campaign. The goal was to raise £10,000 towards the costs of the development work. Through the generosity of members, we got halfway towards the target during the summer. We’re hoping supporters will rally round with a Christmas gift to make up the second half.

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"It was enormously helpful to be able to "howl" in this anonymous place, where I knew there were people who would understand the complexities of dealing with this [personal crisis] alongside ministry."
“Thanks everyone! The support, prayers and advice you have all posted have been wonderful (I have followed a lot of the links and got some wisdom) and just being able to vent in this space has worked wonders - a form of confession in a way and a chance to be honest. … Feeling less lonely thanks to all you wonderful Hubbers!”

Let your friends in ministry know about the Hub, give them a gift by making sure they know the Hub is there for them too, using the share buttons below. And please make a donation to support the Hub. 

The Hub is itself a gift for those in ministry. Through your gift this Christmas the Hub will continue being a truly independent and safe space for all in ministry as we seek to do healthy ministry together.

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