20th June 2022
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Is self-care a myth? What spirituality resources can I give a survivor of abuse? What do you do when you are given a chair with only three legs? It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, life in ministry continues and questions such as these have recently been asked on the Hub. Because of the depth of experience and wisdom of its members, answers have been forthcoming. The recent development work to integrate discussions and resources, and the volunteer Hub Helpers, now means support for ministry life is even closer.

Something else that doesn’t concern itself with the time of year is the cost of maintaining the Hub. We have an annual budget of £60,000. This makes sure the Hub keeps running and remains a safe and secure environment. It’s built on a robust platform and the security features don’t come cheap. However, the Hub is a trustworthy and essential resource for those in ministry…

“Thank you so much for all your replies, it helps no end.”
“thanks everyone. You have helped me to decide.”

A couple of times a year we ask members to contribute to the annual cost of running the Hub, and so it is time to Love the Hub. During this fundraising campaign, we aim to raise £10,000 toward the annual running cost. The Hub is completely free to use for anyone in ministry and any donation enables us to provide this safe and secure environment.

Find out more about our Love the Hub campaign and donate today.

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Collection: Trauma

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