29th November 2023
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Advent is a season of preparation. It is a season of Christmas decorations and other festivities. After hunting down the box of decorations and finding the right tree, homes, offices, and public spaces are illuminated. It is also the season when we ask users to support and Love the Hub.

  • Firstly, we want to thank you for your support so far this year. Thanks to your donations we have reached almost 50% of normal annual goal.
  • Secondly, alongside additional external funding and internal savings we have kept things stable.

We still need your support, but we are building on firm ground.Therefore, this year we are inviting you to join in with our Love the Hub Bauble Challenge.We are challenging Hub users to create low cost standing orders to enable a foundation of support. This will help us build a solid platform to maintain the Hub and help supporters spread the cost.

Support the Hub

The Sheldon Hub is a truly independent, non-denominational space where we support each other in doing healthy ministry together. It is safe, secure, and supportive. As a private forum you are free to talk without the fear of being trolled or harassed. Discuss the practical, the serious or even the sublime. It is your space to talk with others who understand ministry.

The Hub exists for you and because of you. Clergy and ministers of all denominations face unique challenges; the Hub is a space where every member understands. If you are in ministry, you can join and become part of a sharing, caring and supportive community.

Please give now if you can

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