15th March 2021

video conferencing

A year ago many of us barely knew about Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, now they are household names, as are some of the people who have had their antics shared. Did you see the story about the judge who appeared on Zoom as a cat? ‘I am not a cat’ could become one of the year’s funniest phrases. Or the Parish council meeting that was a little colourful?

There is a great thread on the Hub that is musing on this and other ‘lighter’ issues. Zoom conference calls get a good mention:

  • parrots wanting to take part in the conversation
  • hard of hearing relatives who speak far too loud off camera
  • and a timely reminder to us all after reading the account of someone needing to take a comfort break and forgetting to ‘mute’ their sound!

There are also many stories of dress code violations, with people forgetting they aren’t completely dressed, or that the camera is a lot closer than they realise. As we all know too well, the camera never lies.

However, it was good to read that one Hubber felt it inappropriate to celebrate the eucharist on zoom wearing just slippers!

The Hub is here for everyone in ministry and there are many threads on the Hub dealing with the serious stresses and challenges of lockdown ministry. It's good to remember that there are lighter moments too.

If you are in ministry come and join in with others who get how things are. It’s a safe and secure environment, and just like zoom, the dress code is optional.

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