24th November 2022

Safety during a crisis

Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2022 is Permacrisis. Following the pandemic the world has seemingly lurched from one crisis to another, hence the word. It has affected all walks of life, from politics to the monarchy, from individuals to nations. We now find ourselves in an uncertain time of rampant inflation and an energy crisis. And I still haven’t mentioned the ecological situation. Permacrisis.

Safety in numbers

Political leaders like to use the phrase, “we are all in this together” however, we all know that some are more “in this” than others. At the Hub, we can genuinely make that claim. Everyone in ministry can be part of a family that faces the same crises. The Hub offers a safe and secure environment where we literally are all in this together. We may disagree on things as recent discussions have shown, but we all understand the issues. Over 2350 members have a haven where they can face the crises of ministry and the world with one another, offering support and guidance... or just bemoan the state of things, or even, offer a little light-hearted something to raise the spirit.

Supporting safety

Whatever the current crisis, the Hub is here. Maintaining this safe sanctuary incurs a significant cost, and like everyone, we face the current cost of living crisis. We have pared back our budget to the bare bones, but there are still costs of hosting and moderating as we maintain the Hub. At this time of Advent, we are running the second of our twice-yearly "Love the Hub" campaigns. The Hub is supported by wonderful volunteer helpers, the Sheldon community and your donations. Please give a little love and light to the Hub this Advent season by making a donation here.

It's tempting to focus solely on the permacrisis, but thankfully there is light too, especially at Advent, and the Hub is here for everyone in ministry "in it together".

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