20th October 2020
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In Celtic pre-Christian times, the people believed that ‘thin places’ gave them greater access to the spirit world. These places were later adopted by the Celtic Christian communities as places where heaven and earth were closest. Some still hold that there are special places and times where God, the saints and angels, and the departed are ‘more’ present. The time around All Souls' Day and especially All Souls' Eve is believed to be a ‘thin time’. Alongside Remembrance Sunday, these are times when we remember those who have gone before and those we have lost.

Lost and found

2020 has been a year of loss. A loss of time, people, events and potential memories. We don’t need to look far to find individual stories of loss. Loss has also been discussed in an ongoing series of videos on the Hub, which many members are finding very helpful. As many of us are finding out, in relation to the Coronavirus, loss and grief have to occur before we can enter the ‘new’. A theme we should recognise all too well in the journey from the cross to the resurrection. We’ve had to discover new ‘thin places’ while our churches have been closed for worship. Now open, but facing restrictions in what can and can’t be done, loss and uncertainty, and yet hope, are evident.

While not a ‘thin place’ the Hub does enable those in ministry to share their stories, ask for advice and offer help to others. The community has been vital during lockdown and now going forward. As mentioned, we’re approaching a series of days in the church calendar when we think, among other things about loss, including Remembrance Sunday.

How do we mark these important days with the current restrictions? Discussion on the Hub has generated a lot of concern and advice. The act of remembrance is so important to the communities we serve; this year perhaps more so. The Hub has a page devoted to meetings and liturgies during the current crisis, part of our wider Coronavirus collection of resources and discussions. We are capturing all the ideas and resources to help the church minister in these times. If you are in ministry these resources are available to you.

We may be feeling a sense of loss this year, but together we can support one another and within the Hub. Login and you’ll realise you are not the only one feeling this way and attempting to cope in these challenging times.

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Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

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