So much 'Hub Gold' is mined as members share resources in forum conversations. But forum threads are fleeting. Themes and issues recur and as the Hub grows it's getting harder to track down great content from months ago. It's time for us to take the Hub to the next level with better integration of the Forums and Resources, including better Search. This will help to harness the amazing wisdom in the Forums and make it easier for the next person to find. 

We estimate £15,000-£25,000 for an IT budget to see us through the next round of development. To carry on doing healthy ministry together we need some crowd funding to help pay for this development work. 

Our target is £10,000 over the next month. Can you help?

Donate and Support

Why Love the Hub Search?

We've called it "Love the Hub Search" because building a better search engine within the Hub is at the heart of this mini-project. We won't bore you with the technical detail because the important thing is that it's about making IT work smoothly to help people in ministry help each other.

There are a number of wonderful volunteers who give their time and energy, and the Sheldon Community continue to underwrite and host the Hub. But, unlike love, there are some things we need money to buy.

So, we would like to invite you to show the Hub a little love by making a donation. Our campaign target is £10,000 to enable us to get to work.

The best long-term love you can give the Hub is a banker's order. To do this, use your Hub login details on the main Sheldon site.

Longterm Love the Hub

You can find out more about these exciting developments on the Hub via...

the Hub Blog
the Hub Dev forum

The Hub costs more than you might imagine to keep going:

Technical maintenance
Design & editing 

In a development year like this we need about £90,000.
Cutting it much more finely, the bare minimum to sustain what we're currently doing, we need £50,000.

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