3 excerpts from the programme

Created on 09 Feb 2020
Last updated on 15 Dec 2021
Moderated on 14 Feb 2020


Week 3 (26th July)

This link enables you to listen to the CDM feature for week 3

This includes an Interview with Sheldon's Warden Dr Sarah Horsman following release of research findings into the lived experience of CDM. It also includes an interview with the Bishop at Lambeth, Tim Thornton.

You can listen to the whole of the Sunday programme in Higher Quality sound here  

Week 2 (16th February)

This link gives your the CDM feature for week 2

It includes an interview with Jo Kind who is a survivor of clergy abuse, member of MACSAS and member of the CDM Working Group at Lambeth, and an interview with Cherry Vann, Archdeacon of Monmouth. 

The "view website" link takes you to the BBC iPlayer for the whole of the first programme in high quality sound. (minutes 6 - 20 for CDM)

Week 1 (9th February)

This link gives you the CDM feature for week 1

Dr Sarah Horsman (from Sheldon) makes the case for complete replacement of the CDM.

The peice begins with a compilation from interviews given by two Hub members describing the experience of going through the CDM process. Both were cleared of any misconduct but left with lasting scars.

Bishop Tim Thornton gives the church's current thinking.