Author: Thornton, Tim
Publisher: Lambeth Palace
Year Published: 2019

Terms of reference and membership

Created on 13 Feb 2020
Last updated on 13 Feb 2020
Moderated on 14 Feb 2020


This is the link to the Terms of Reference and membership of the official Working Group looking at the Clergy Discipline Measure

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"The Right Reverend Tim Thornton, Bishop at Lambeth, has been asked by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to Chair a Review of the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003.
The Review, comprised of laypeople, ecclesiastical lawyers and clergy met for the first time on Friday 04 October 2019. A full membership list is attached at Appendix I. During this meeting, terms of the Review were agreed. They are attached at Appendix II. The group also engaged in preliminary conversations about the various streams of work required to comply with these terms."