Publisher: Ecclesiastical Law Society
Year Published: 2021

Reports and consultatons of ELS of working party on replacement of CDM

Created on 09 Sep 2020
Last updated on 23 May 2021
Moderated on 10 Sep 2020


Final CDM proposals from ELS Working Party

May 21: Two page summary outline of ELS proposals

Link to document here

Feb 21: Final report and detailed proposals

Link to document here

December 2020 : further public consultation

December Consultation

Official response to consultation by Sheldon and CECA jointly

September 2020 : Interim report and executive summary

September Executive Summary

September Interim report

Early in 2020 the ELS established a Working Party, under the leadership of Peter Collier QC, to review the operation of the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003. 

The  Interim Report scoped out the issues to be addressed and gave a comprehensive historical and legal context, along with an indication of direction of travel for reform. The Executive Summary provided orientation and introduction to the larger report. 

The December 2020 consultation asked a range of further questions drilling down more deeply into the detail.  The Lambeth Working Group brought forward proposals at about the same time and they are compared side by side here

Comparison document ELS and Lambeth proposals

The ELS final report with detailed proposals was published in February 2021. As this is a long read, it was supplemented in May 2021 with a 2 page summary outline.