Author: Warner, Meg
ISBN: 978-0281081080
Publisher: SPCK
Year Published: 2020

Everyone knows the story of Joseph in the Bible - but what meaning does it have for Christians today

Created on 08 Oct 2020
Last updated on 27 Jun 2021
Moderated on 08 Oct 2020


Several years ago when Meg Warner began writing the drafts for Joseph: A Story of Resilience, Brexit was only a 'pipe dream'. Later, in the editing stages Brexit had become the greatest challenge to have struck the UK for many decades. In March 2020, the book entered the final stages of publishing and the coronavirus pandemic had threatened to overshadow Brexit dramatically. Meg writes that although she does not know what context we will be in when we pick up this book, '...the pressure on every single one of us – individuals and communities alike – to be resilient and to practise resilience will have grown exponentially'. 

Justine Allain Chapman, Archdeacon of Boston, England, and author of The Resilient Disciple :

'This book is written in both a down to earth and intelligent way, so that we weave our story, the author's and Joseph's with contemporary issues, and consider how we have come through difficulties and can become more resilient in the future.
Meg Warner brings together a depth of biblical knowledge and a strong understanding of contemporary research on the impact of trauma on individuals and communities in her exploration of the story of the well-known biblical character of Joseph. She invites her readers into a deeper understanding of the way that the trauma of the ancient Israelite community is reflected in the Bible, and shows how this story continues to resonate with our own experiences of pain and suffering.'

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